Badge Award, I Like!!

I'm now taking my 15-minute break, yes friends another 15-minute break from my very busy schedule. I haven't been so active in updating my blogs and I apologize for that, sometimes I really feel that I need at least 50 hours in a day to complete all my tasks.

Anyway, one of the best news I got today is from my blogger friend Ning of Anything and Everything's Free, she gave me a Sunshine Award and I really thank you sis, I appreciate you linking my blog there. When you mentioned you love orange I remember our ride, MJ, he/she's not entirely a favorite of mine, but he/she's orange, so this Sunshine Award reminds me so much of that ride. Again sis, thanks so much.

So, as a tradition, I'm passing this cutey Sunshine Award to some of my friends here in the bloggersphere to my friends listed below in no particular order:

Grace of Shoppaholic Goddess on a Budget
Bachuchay of Bachuchay's World
Kuri of Domesticated Daddy Diaries
Kessa Thea of A Day in the Life of this Little Miss
Geraldine of Embracing My Past, Present and Future Life
April of Stories from a Teenage Mom
Heartlocks19 of Recession Fun
Sophia of Beautynomics
Rowena of Animetric's World
Shen of Shen's Addiction
Saadeh Masaeli of BeautySpot

Marice of Up Now and What's Next

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So, share the love friends!


Bachuchay said...

Hi Sis.. Thanks for the award.. Loooove it! =)

Grace said...

Hi sis! thanks sa award!!! like it!! late post but still better than never ..hehe